Specialmodifications & refurbishment G / Pinzgauer

We have many years of cooperation with various civil and military customers in Austria and abroad that use Puch Pinzgauer / G under extreme conditions; this means we are able to fall back on a great deal of experience in terms of restorations.

Thanks to this long-standing experience and our background knowledge from vehicle development through to production, we can refurbish Pinzgauer all-terrain vehicles according to the customer’s wishes. The process for PUCH Pinzgauer refurbishment projects is standardised and has been tested innumerable times. We have been restoring these giants since 1992, with more than 4500 vehicles to date!

We will make your vehicle ready for individual approval.

Pimp my Puch: Demilitarisation and complete restoration

If you rest, you rust - rust removal

Spare parts supply - only the best for your vehicle!

Dent doctor - our auto body technicians

Protecting the environment, thanks to remanufactured engines, gearboxes and axles

Independent workshop - our services at a glance

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